Design + code = User Experience

For Better User Experience


The way of Design is evolving...

The way of designing has been changed by the development of medium, which is a way of communicating among many people. Since Johannes Gutenberg had created the movable-type printing press, People started to make paper book with movable type. At this time, Paper book was medium, which is the way of creating information and sharing & delivering knowledge among others. Design is all about communication. It is creating norm of knowledge and information to share & communicate with others


When first mac was released on the market, information & knowledge started to flow through personal computer. To inject human knowledge into computer, We needed to learn how to code, which is an understandable language for computer. In this era of PC, information is stored & shared & searchable on the computer. After PC era, We started to obtain new tool, which is World Wide Web. This was total paradigm changer in the way of communication. Computer was started to connect each other and transfer & exchange information via web. Web truly became medium as channel of information. Since that, There were high demands on design for web & software on this industry.


UX & UI Designer need to learn how to code

Why contemporary designers need to learn code? Code is a tool for creating software and guide people to use software on computer & web with certain experiences. To create meaningful experiences in the software, Designer need to understand how software should works and how to create meaningful experience inside of it. Experience isn't just visual images that designer mostly used to create. It is a full set of visual elements and cognitions while people use software. Code is the key element of building full scenario that how people use software within purposed ways.